Tsingy Bemaraha unavoidable

A unique forest of rock spines in the world with lush nature reserve you an exceptional visit.

Madagascar has many attractive tourist sites which deserve to be visited and the National Park Tsingy of Bemaraha is one of them. This stone forest which is located in the center west of Madagascar is one of the natural wonders that attract tourists to travel to the island. This national park is the first Malagasy site declared as a World Heritage site by the UNESCO in 1990.


According to scientists, the rocks that form these rocky spines forests were formed by the deposition of fossils and shells which are dating more than 200 million years during the separation of the island with the African continent. The park spans on more than 157,700 ha with 100 km from north to south and 10 to 40 km of wide from east to west.

This park is not only known for this forest of rock spines but also for its exceptional endemic nature. The general endemism of its fauna is estimated at 86.7% and the regional eco endemism at 47%. The presence of eleven species of lemurs, five families of bats and 103 species of birds in this park proves it. This park is one of the best places to meet the famous Microcebus murinus, the smallest lemur in the world. Its flora is also composed by original vegetation and which is also endemic. It is important to note that 85% of the 650 plant species listed on Bemaraha are endemic.


Asia, a fascinating country

Many tourists are attracted by Asia, specifically: India, Vietnam and the Maldives.


indeOne of the wonders that fascinate tourists visiting India is the Taj Mahal. A monument based on a love story between an emperor and his wife who died with the birth of one of her son. Rather, it is a tragic but fascinating story; the Palace of the crown is simply breathtaking. Did you know that it is also the tomb where the mortal remains of the emperor rest?

But that's not all; if you want to spend your holidays in India, do not miss to see the Himalayas. With a fauna and flora which is very diverse, it attracts the curious people by its snowy summit and its foot where the green is king. So if you want to check it out, do not forget your coats. In any case, you will be satisfied because the scenery is huge and there is absolutely nothing more beautiful.


vietnamWhat attracts most tourists is rather the Ha Long Bay. A story tells that before this bay was a mountain. When a dragon came down and struggled with the sea, he cut the mountain with his tail. It is an incredible story, but we say that the bay was named "Ha Long" or "descent of the dragon" thanks to this story. Who knows, during your quest maybe you'll discover the "Cave of Surprises'.

It is said that many legends were born in Vietnam. One of them also speaks of the National Park of Phong Nha-Ke Bang. It is a cave that still houses very remarkable ancient inscriptions. It extends up to 62 km and there is nothing more beautiful. If you spend your time in Vietnam, do not miss to discover this wonder that will surely render you speechless.

The Maldives

maldivesWe say that the Maldives is a dream destination especially for lovers who would like to make a memorable wedding trip. For a trip to the Maldives, do not forget to bring your sunscreen, sunglasses, and swimsuit because you will be dazzled.

For small islands under a humid tropical climate, they attract tourists thanks to their beauty. The sea with the very light color is simply magnificent and marine life is very flourishing. Why not enjoy the sun and let you tan? The scenery is just amazing. The lush beaches mixed with blue or light green of the ocean will relax your body and your mind only at first glance. Delicious cuisine with coconut, a bit of spice ... some juicy fruits ... What more do you want?


Madagascar : A paradise island to discover

Tourists are attracted by islands of the Indian Ocean such as Madagascar and Mauritius. Civilizations, histories, legends, unique breathtaking landscapes fascinate travelers who stay in these two wonderful

Madagascar, the Great Island with multiple facets

Being a large island in the Indian Ocean, which has the shape of the left foot, Madagascar attracts many tourists every year thanks to the wonders it hides.

If you like discoveries, beautiful stories, if you are passionate about archeology, nature, beautiful beaches, this is the place you need for your holiday. A stay in Madagascar will make you discover civilizations which still follow traditional customs today. The Malagasy (people of Madagascar) although they like evolution, do not yet forget the past and their origin. They are followers of religion.

Moreover, the landscapes that stretch out for miles are simply fascinating. This island, with a hot and humid tropical climate, is home to species of trees and animals that can’t be seen anywhere else. The Ravinala, for example, or the traveler's tree, we say it is a tree that produces water to give to travelers who are thirsty... well that's what we say. The Baobab trees are also amazing, there are more than three species and they are more than three apples high. They do not have many leaves yet we say they live over 500 years. Amazing isn’t it?

But that's not all; Madagascar also houses a marvel known as the "Tsingy of Bemaraha." A fabulous setting of limestone formed by the sea, rain and erosion, really impressive, I think there is nothing more beautiful.


Eden Lodge Awarded by International Hotel Awards


The Eden Lodge hotel has received the title of "Best Sustainable Hotel in the World" at the International Hotel Awards 2013/2014. This is a well-deserved award for this eco hotel which already won in 2012 one of the Responsible Tourism and Green Africa Awards. As a reminder ,this is the first lodging facility which was awarded the label Green Globe on the Malagasy territory. It is also note worthy that this is the first hotel in the world which uses solar energy only. The hotel opened in 2008. It appeals tourists who stay in Madagascar by its ecological character. The French Agency for Environmental and energy management (ADEME) even chose it as a pilot project to develop the use of renewable energy in the country and to promote ecological and sustainable tourism.

Located in the AmpasindavaBay, on the north west coast of Madagascar, Eden Lodge occupies an area of 8 ha. Its owner, aFrench couple opted for ecological construction and selected local materials to develop eight luxury lodges. To meet environmental standards and contribute to the respect of the environment, the property is equipped with awaste treatment and recycling of waste water system. More and more hotel operators are now moving towards the construction of environmental facilities like Eden Lodge. This also seems to be beneficial for the Malagas ytourism sector wishing to base its offer on sustainable and ecological tourism, a concept popularized by tourist offices and travel agency of Madagascar.


Morondava : Les infrastructures touristiques s’améliorent

baobab-cafeLe tourisme à Morondava se développe à un rythme plutôt satisfaisant, selon les agences de voyage  Madagascar actives dans la région. Désormais, cette ville du sud-ouest du pays dispose d'infrastructures et installations nécessaires au décollage du tourisme local. De plus en plus de vacanciers provenant de la capitale et d'autres régions du pays commencent à être attirés par cette ville côtière, qui pour rappel, est l'unique point de départ pour l'observation des Baobabs et du patrimoine mondial Tsingy de Bemaraha, deux des sites touristiques majeurs sur le circuit madagascar. Le développement du tourisme local que l'on constate aujourd'hui dans la ville de Morondava s'explique par l'amélioration des infrastructures routières. Si auparavant,  il fallait environ 20 heures pour relier  Antananarivo et la ville de Morondava, aujourd'hui, une dizaine d'heures suffisent pour faire le trajet.

Outre l'amélioration des voies routières, l'on peut aussi observer quelques changements sur les cotes de Morondava. Des travaux d'aménagement ont été entrepris pour améliorer l'aspect des plages. De nouvelles infrastructures ont été installées pour protéger les bords de mer des érosions et pour améliorer la qualité de l'accueil offert aux amateurs de baignades. Côté hébergement, une amélioration a été remarquée au niveau de la qualité. Les établissements hôteliers de Morondava sont en mesure de répondre aux attentes des touristes les plus exigeants. Afin d'accélérer le développement du tourisme local à Morondava, l'Office du Tourisme de la région a eu la brillante idée de créer deux festivals autour du thème « Baobab », dont la première édition devra se tenir l'année prochaine, pendant les grandes vacances.

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