Des vacances au cœur de la diversité chilienne !

vm-chili-deserts-glaciers-j6Pour profiter pleinement de moments de détente et de distraction, des vacances au Chili sont une excellente option. En effet, les amoureux de la nature pourront visiter le Parc national Torres del Paine. Ce dernier offre aux visiteurs la possibilité de contempler la richesse de la faune et de la flore locale telle que des pumas ou de petits cerfs des Andes. Qui plus est, le Parc national de Huerquehue est une destination parfaite pour des activités de randonnées à travers des canyons.

Par ailleurs, le désert d’Atacama est aussi un endroit très convoité des voyageurs. Il compte parmi les plus arides du monde. Des étendues rocheuses, des terres craquelées par la chaleur, des volcans aux sommets enneigés, des lagunes minérales irréelles et des déserts de sel habités par flamants roses font partie des paysages à admirer. De plus, ce site a fait l’objet d’une découverte surprenante sur les civilisations ancestrales Chili. Un lieu à la fois culturel et passionnant.

En outre, le musée de la mode à Santiago du Chili offre aux routards la possibilité de découvrir des styles de vie et des tendances d'époques différentes du monde entier datant du XVIe siècle. Ce musée recèle la collection d'articles de mode la plus importante d’Amérique latine avec ses plus 9 000 pièces. Entre autres, les visiteurs pourront voir le corset à bonnets coniques de Madonna, un fourreau en velours de Marilyn Monroe ou encore la robe d’Amy Winehouse crée par la styliste thaïlandaise Disaya.


Nosy-Be: The 2nd annual Symphonies festival will be held from September 22 to 27, 2015


A few dozen insiders were greatly amazed by the performance of the virtuoso pianist Elzbieta DEDEK, a world famous artist who mainly works on Chopin's repertoire. She performed unforgettable recital at "Manga Soa Lodge" in April 2013, in Nosy Be. With such recognisable presence, the organisers of the event decided to crowned her “Godmother “of the first edition of the festival Nosy Be Symphonies, a cultural festival held from September 23 to 28 of last year. Interestingly, she is given the same honorary title this year with the 2nd edition of the festival which will take place from September 22 to 27. The piano virtuoso kindly accepted the decision with pride, given the fact that she has been seduced by the warm welcome extended to her in Nosy be.

Who is Elzbieta DEDEK?

Belgian of Polish origin, Elzbieta Dedek is a highly talented female pianist who, after her study at Warsaw’s No. 1School of Music, went to Brussels and kept studying at Brussels’ Royal Conservatory. Professor Stefan Askenase is one of her tutors, whose mother was a student of Mikuli; Mikuli was taught by Chopin.
Once she had her degrees and awards ("Premier Prix de Musique de "Chambre", and "Premier Prix de Piano") in hands,  she was appointed as a piano teacher at the “Académie Grétry de Liège”, Academy of Laeken, Conservatoire de Verviers (Belgium) and at Musikschule der Stadt Aachen.
She has performed concerts in many countries, oftenly on behalf of the Belgian diplomatic bodies, and accompanied by the participation of the CGRI (currently Wallonie Bruxelles International). Kings, Queens, Princes, Presidents, Maharajas, Nobel Prize laureates.... in Canada, Brazil, Peru, Nigeria, Chad, Egypt, USA, Turkey, Austria, India, France, Poland, Madagascar...are part of those who deeply appreciate her works.  If you want to join this unique show, let us now via our tour operator Madagascar, the ideal tour agency that will perfect your travel Madagascar.



Beanka, Maromizaha and Mandrozo: the three new protected areas in Madagascar

ankoayFAPB or the “Foundation for the Protected Areas and Biodiversity of Madagascar” (Fondation pour les Aires Protégées et de la Biodiversité de Madagascar) is a private organisation working in the management of protected areas in Madagascar since 2005. The FAPB has just introduced three new Protected Areas in its funding program for the year 2015: forests in Beanka, Maromizaha and Mandrozo. You can discover these new sites with the help of a competent tour operator Madagascar!

Beanka’s forest is a newly established protected area of category VI as listed on the IUCN classification. The 4,299-acre (1,740 Ha) site is located on the west-central slope of Madagascar, in Melaky region, Maintirano District. Beanka is ranked second behind the astonishing limestone forest “Tsingy of Bemaraha”. The site remains less known despite its continuity with the latter. Interestingly, Beanka is home to a super wealthy biodiversity, flora and fauna included: 320 woody species, 4 species of lemur, 12 species of bat, 9 flightless small mammal species and 58 species of bird.

The forest of Maromizaha is also a new protected area of category VI. The 4,645 acres (1,880 Ha) site is situated at 140 km east of Antananarivo. Maromizaha consists of a rain forest, part of the Ankeniheny’s forest corridor- Zahamena. Rich in wildlife, Maromizaha is worth a visit with its 13 species of diurnal and 4 nocturnal lemurs. On your Madagascar trip agenda, you can include this site if you want to discover 800 species of moths (lepidoptera), 84 species of bird, 34 species of amphibian, 25 species of reptile, 10 species of insectivore, 7 species of rodent and 3 species of bat.

As for Mandrozo’s forest, the site is classified Category V on IUCN. Located in Melaky region, at 60 km north of Maintirano, Mandrozo boasts itself as a Wetland of international importance labelled "Ramsar site". This new protected area is endowed with a rich biodiversity including endangered species, such as lemurs, reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish and plants.


Air Madagascar signed a code-sharing agreement with Air Seychelles

air seychelles

Madagascar airline company “Air Madagascar” has recently signed a commercial agreement with Air Seychelles to serve the two countries. The two airlines decided to join hands following the comeback of Air Seychelles to Madagascar after 30 years of absence. Air Seychelles has serviced Madagascar since December 3rd with a direct flight. With a view to establish a scheduled flight from Antananarivo to Mahé, Air Madagascar and Air Seychelles agreed to share their two-letter identification codes since January 3rd.
This codeshare agreement allows Air Madagascar to operate Air Seychelles’ Airbus A320 under the identification code "MD". Flights from Ivato International Airport in Antananarivo to the International Airport of Seychelles in Mahe- will be ensured by a two-class airplane of 136 seats. This codeshare agreement is one of the biggest cornestones on which Air Madagascar is currently building its regional development strategy.


For 2015 summer season, the two airline companies are actively working on a flight extension alongside this code-sharing partnership. It would include flights beyond Mahé Airport and that in Antananarivo. It was decided that new destinations, including Abu Dhabi and Mumbai, could be listed into the regional network of Air Madagascar. This partnership does benefit both Madagascar and Seychelles. Actually, Antananarivo and its commercial hub are a great opportunity for Seychelles to operate in European and Asian markets. For its part, Madagascar could attract a great part of Seychelles’ luxury tourism market. Currently, many tour operator Madagascar provide guided tours services for European tourists. Thus, this new luxury market opening, a sweet fruit of the partnership between Air Madagascar and Air Seychelles, is a real boon for the tourism industry in the Big Island.


Nosy Be and Sainte Marie: Crowned Africa's most beautiful islands

sainte-mairTravelers and users of the US site travel specialist, Trip Advisor have just established their list of the most beautiful islands of Africa. Nosy Be, the destination that is the pride of the people of Madagascar and Madagascar travel agencies, is the island that was placed on top. Nosy Be or Nossi-Bé which means in Malagasy "big island" is a paradise island located on the north west coast of Madagascar. Considered as a leading destination of Madagascar, this island anchored in the Mozambique Channel is home to beautiful volcanic lakes that are a perfect place of excursions during a stay in Madagascar. The island allows you to discover one of the most important Malagasy wildlife resources which are the lemurs. As a reminder, this variety of primate is endemic in Madagascar. The Andasibe Park located in the province of Toamasina hosts the largest lemur species of Madagascar called Indri Indri. Nosy Be is also famous for its Ylang Ylang plantations and rum distilleries.


The Donia festival that takes place in May is a must-do cultural event for music lovers. In the top 3 of the most beautiful islands of Africa, one can find Mauritius in second place, followed by the island of Boa Vista of Cape Verde. In fourth place you can see the island of Praslin in the Seychelles archipelago. Another Malagasy island ranks fifth, a popular island for travelers and praised by tour operator Madagascar, known as Sainte Marie. This island is attached to the province of Toamasina.

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